Meine Damen und Herren, Mesdames et Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Still of the main title for Phobia

Still of the main title for Phobia

As the song continued, Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! We are proud to announce, for the first time in ToDo Films existence (which is not long), that our first short film Phobia is officially finished!! (do I hear applause and cheers? Yeah, I thought so). After a couple of months between production and postproduction, we’ve finally come to that point in which little can be improved and we are actually quite happy with the result.

But to talk about Phobia, we have to put things into their respective context. Phobia was actually born by chance, let’s say, for lack of a better word. At one point a few months ago, Hugo came across a brief from the National Film Academy asking for short scripts, about one/two pages maximum, based on a dialogue between two characters in one single location. Pretty especific, eh? So Hugo took the challenge and wrote Phobia. Although he didn’t send it to the competition (don’t ask, I don’t know), we decided to turn it into a short film straight away. Our intention was, in short: let’s see how far we can go with page and a half of script.

So we settled for our adventure, although we were delayed in the pre-production for a while, trying to get the team and location altogether. After a while, everything came in order and we set to finished what we had started. The result: a quirky, dark, even a bit gross someone could say, comedy of sorts.

Although we don’t have a premiere date so far, as we are discussing distribution methods at the moment, we can say that it won’t be long until our baby sees the light and we hope by then you all feel free to comment and give us feedback, we need it!!

Until then, so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good bye…