Our first screening – we did it


So we keep going on and on about Phobia and Kino… blah blah… but yesterday was really great. We really enjoyed it. It took me quite a while to figure out where the Horse Hospital was, but that’s not because it’s particulary difficult or hidden (it’s for me, not for other people) but because I’m not good with maps and I kept looking at google maps on my phone trying to figure out where this magical tiny street was supossed to be. Found it opposite to the “friend at hand” pub… pub which I still wonder why it has that name. I assumed it had something to do with the little picture of a Saint Bernard (as in the dog breed)… but anyway, let’s get to the pint point!

We got there and people started coming in, loads of people… the place wasn’t particulary large so you can say it was pretty crowded (over 100 people i’d say), which was really cool and felt exciting.

The host (i don’t remember his name, sorry) was great and he started taking out DVDs out of a bag. Phobia was the 3rd film to be shown and from my point of view, I think it had quite a good reception!

Generally, I have to say, most of the films were very good. I didn’t expect such a high quality being this an open-mic screening (i.e. no filter). Positive surprised and maybe thinking whether we should apply filters to film…

Kino 7

Yesterday we had a great time at the Kino 7 open-mic screenings.

A total of eleven films, an incredible performance by Dan Smith and lots of mingling around.

Definitely coming back!

Kino London

ToDo films will be screening ‘Phobia’ at the Kino London on Monday the 20th

As part of their open-micfilm nights ‘Phobia’ will be presented together with other filmmakers’ works, sushi and some drinks

Tickets are £4 and doors open at 7

KINO #7 – Monday July 20th, 2009
HORSE HOSPITAL, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 1HX
Tube: Russell Square

Hope to see you all there


Half of the experience of watching something is listening to it.

This very stupid remark is actually more true than what we would like it to be. After finishing the first cut of ‘Phobia’ we noticed that it didn’t matter how much we worked on it, it would never satisfy us until we could hear the images

Music and sound effects, breaking or building the pace, the texture, the feeling

One thing we’ve learned about making movies (regardless of their length) is that don’t judge your images till you hear them

Tom Baynton (Composer) and Ana Maria Salazar Montes (Sound engineer) created for us and incredible 4 minutes of textures that has given ‘Phobia’ the right to be viewed

Meine Damen und Herren, Mesdames et Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Still of the main title for Phobia

Still of the main title for Phobia

As the song continued, Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! We are proud to announce, for the first time in ToDo Films existence (which is not long), that our first short film Phobia is officially finished!! (do I hear applause and cheers? Yeah, I thought so). After a couple of months between production and postproduction, we’ve finally come to that point in which little can be improved and we are actually quite happy with the result.

But to talk about Phobia, we have to put things into their respective context. Phobia was actually born by chance, let’s say, for lack of a better word. At one point a few months ago, Hugo came across a brief from the National Film Academy asking for short scripts, about one/two pages maximum, based on a dialogue between two characters in one single location. Pretty especific, eh? So Hugo took the challenge and wrote Phobia. Although he didn’t send it to the competition (don’t ask, I don’t know), we decided to turn it into a short film straight away. Our intention was, in short: let’s see how far we can go with page and a half of script.

So we settled for our adventure, although we were delayed in the pre-production for a while, trying to get the team and location altogether. After a while, everything came in order and we set to finished what we had started. The result: a quirky, dark, even a bit gross someone could say, comedy of sorts.

Although we don’t have a premiere date so far, as we are discussing distribution methods at the moment, we can say that it won’t be long until our baby sees the light and we hope by then you all feel free to comment and give us feedback, we need it!!

Until then, so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good bye…

Form and Content

We have just arrived from Edinburgh with lots of material for our long overdue meaningless-silly-quirky little sketch known as ‘phobia’

Now we’re on the editing process and it is now when the work will take place. Having to balance between form and content is what will change the viewer experience completely.

The source material didn’t have a lot of content which makes the decisions easier at first but, should we need to calibrate the amount of possible gimmicks created from a saturation of bombastic form, we will need to scrutinize quite a lot the message behind those set of words.

Hopefully, the end result will be as pleasant as the whole creative process has been for all of us