The Internet, episode 2

Really happy and proud that The Internet mockumentary is finally done and online. People seem to enjoy it so far which makes all this work worth it.

There was quite  a bit of material that we didn’t use and a tight schedule didn’t help polishing certain things as much as we wanted.

With some material that was left out, ideas we didn’t fully developed and seeing that the public reaction has been quite openly positive, I’m currently writing episode 2.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come!

The Internet, the truth behind the conspiracy

And here it is the result of marathons of Time Trumpet.

A mockmumentary about the Internet.

Morning Tea

Some of us, citizens of that glorious republic known as ToDo films, have worked on Milan Sebo’s first feature – Morning Tea.

It’s a movie about euthanasia. A group of young people suffering from terminal diseases face the always hard question, how much control would you have over your own death?

Not a contender for comedy of the year.

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London Shortfilm Festival

London Shortfilm FestivalPhobia has been selected to run for Best Low-Budget Shortfilm at the London Shortfilm Festival.

A bit of info about the festival from their website:

The London Short Film Festival, the city’s most expansive and radically explosive film festival, returns to the city for its 7th edition. The festival will take place over ten days throughout the capital at ten major London venues in January 2010.

With over 200 short films, LSFF’s programme is exclusively with the work of Britain’s most exciting up-and-coming filmmakers.
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Portobello Film Festival

Phobia was screened at the Portobello Film Festival last Thursday the 10th under the London Filmmakers day.

It was a fun day with lots and lots of works shown of all styles.

Apart from a few technical sound problems the projection of ‘Phobia’ was received with applause and some cheering during the vomiting sequence.

We’re really proud.


Half of the experience of watching something is listening to it.

This very stupid remark is actually more true than what we would like it to be. After finishing the first cut of ‘Phobia’ we noticed that it didn’t matter how much we worked on it, it would never satisfy us until we could hear the images

Music and sound effects, breaking or building the pace, the texture, the feeling

One thing we’ve learned about making movies (regardless of their length) is that don’t judge your images till you hear them

Tom Baynton (Composer) and Ana Maria Salazar Montes (Sound engineer) created for us and incredible 4 minutes of textures that has given ‘Phobia’ the right to be viewed

Form and Content

We have just arrived from Edinburgh with lots of material for our long overdue meaningless-silly-quirky little sketch known as ‘phobia’

Now we’re on the editing process and it is now when the work will take place. Having to balance between form and content is what will change the viewer experience completely.

The source material didn’t have a lot of content which makes the decisions easier at first but, should we need to calibrate the amount of possible gimmicks created from a saturation of bombastic form, we will need to scrutinize quite a lot the message behind those set of words.

Hopefully, the end result will be as pleasant as the whole creative process has been for all of us