Morning Tea

Some of us, citizens of that glorious republic known as ToDo films, have worked on Milan Sebo’s first feature – Morning Tea.

It’s a movie about euthanasia. A group of young people suffering from terminal diseases face the always hard question, how much control would you have over your own death?

Not a contender for comedy of the year.

Rut Briones edited the movie, I wrote some music with Tom Baynton and Ana Maria Salazar made sense of the noise we recorded.

And now, a little anecdote/remark/comment regarding the music recording, as it is what I was involved on and therefore the only bit I feel comfortable talking about without being accused of plain idolatry towards my friends and colleagues.

Due to always tight deadlines, the recording of the soundtrack took the magic of sound engineering to new levels.

We only had a few days to write the music, and one morning to record it. Tom was in the US so it made it a bit hard to rehearse and arrange the music properly. We were recording on a Friday morning, Tom landing on a Wednesday added a bit of jet-lag to the mix.

My apartment went through an episode of grand designs, we had to fit a cello between a piano and some blankets blocking the traffic noise coming from the windows. Thankfully, Miss Salazar used her magic and made it all sound like we were inside Abbey Road studios.

More info, pictures and a trailer here.


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