Shaking hands with Muhammad

I love the fact that language controls our lives.

It establishes religious dogmas, ignites wars, changes people’s identities and determines countries’ borders.

Empires can be measured by the use of language and language can measure love and passion and jealousy.

In every single level, every single layer of emotions and choices, language shapes our daily happiness. Just because a sort of creative desires deep in me decided to write down a certain amount of words, the rational person in me has been going through a very hard time trying to keep those crazy desires happy.

Just because the actions that surround characters look better on a certain environment, I’ve been delaying the whole creative process of filming and sharing the experience because finding such an specific location was proven to be a herculean task.

Someone once said that the only way of improving your creativeness is by setting walls in front of you.

If everything works on your first approach to your work, you will end up copying the copy of your copies; we need walls to force us to turn in directions we don’t particularly want but that will lead us to a much better new picture.

When you don’t have a lot of resources and you’re a nobody, it’s really hard to do anything in London, ironically the place to gain access to everything you might need. Either filming on public spaces or private ones, everyone wants something from you.

If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, Muhammad will go to the mountain.

But I like my tea grey, so I’ll just shake his hand and use this opportunity to challenge my inspirational skills and locate the characters of phobia on a completely different location.

Who would have thought that shooting an sketch of 2 minutes would make me scratch my head so much!


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